Daphne’s Greek Cafe 3 course Meal

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Daphne’s Greek Cafe
8657 Villa La Jolla Dr # 105
La Jolla, CA 92037-2358

Last week Max and I went to try out Daphne’s. It strange since the location is so close to UCSD but I don’t think I’ve ever had it before. Well Daphne’s Greek Cafe is in the strip mall behind Ralphs’ grocery store. The restaurant is styled where you pay at the counter but they bring your food to your table. It’s casual but the atmosphere is nice.
They primarily serve greek-style food such as pita, wraps, salads, and baklava!

I saw that starting at 3pm the store serves 3 course meal for $7 (what a steal!) They have bunch of choices!
However we arrived at 2:30pm at a time crunch since we were trying to catch a concert at Copley Orchestra Hall. Luckily, the lovely waitress and staff served us anyway. Since china, I really APPRECIATE quality service and positive attitiude of the wait staff. Max and I both decided on the 3-course meal. (pretext I rarely eat greek food)

My appetizer: Pita Bread & Pesto hummus. YUM! I actually liked it so much I went to Ralph’s and purchase some hummus for the first time. Later mike said he’d possibly make me some delicious pita to go with it.
Max got his appetizer: Pita Bread & Fiery Pepper Hummus. He really liked the flavor and feta cheese.
I’m not really a spicy kind of girl so I’d have to pass.
My main entree: Shrimp & Chicken Kabobs with 2 sides (grilled veggies & greek salad)
Prompt service, everything was juicy and really good. 😀 I normally stay away from seafood at a quicker food establishment but the shrimp was excellent and crispy. Also it came with dipping sauce and more pita bread which I enjoyed.
Max got 2 gyro combo with french fries & greek salad. His plate from what I tried was filling and good.
However the ketchup had a weird taste to it. He seemed satisfied.
Baby you got to LOVE dessert! It was layered of crispy, flaky goodness, caramel, honey, and nuts.
We got pecan cluster & baklava for our desserts. Actually they only 2 but
they are GOOD!

The portion appear rather small but are filling. I just really love baklava. ^_^
Pecan cluster was a hit! Max says way better than baklava because it’s like a baklava filled with caramel and coated in chocolate. It’s much sweeter and taste more like big gourmet chocolate.

Verdict: Excellent Service, Affordable Pricing, Delicious desserts
(I would come back!)

p.s. Also at checkout the cashier gave me a coupon for buy 1 get 1 entree. Oh they also seem to mail us coupons in the mail pretty frequently and they have pita points club that sends coupons, deals, free meal on your birthday.

(not affiliated, this is NOT an advertisement, just my opinion because I like eat.)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    mmm….i love greek!! i love their salads and falafel wrap things! i’m not a big fan of baklava though….walnuts =(

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