Baking Haul: Pyrex

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So last week while shopping at our local Ralphs I scored a some pretty amazing Pyrex deals. It’s quite an upgrade I think from my plastic Target measuring cup from the dollar aisle (not to knock the dollar aisle which I love).

Pyrex is a brand name for a glassware company started in 1915 by Corning Incorp. The glass was is made from borosilicate glass which has high thermal resistance. It’s also used in for laboratory ware and telescopes.

Oops one of the Pyrex glassware wasn’t in the picture because I was using it to make carrot cake. The ones I purchased are on the smaller side but perfect for side dishes and creating smaller desserts.

  • 4.5 X 8.5 in -1.5 qt, 11 X22 cm -1.4 liters
  • 8 X 8 in – 2Qt, 20 X20cm 1.9 liters
  • 2 cup measuring cup
  • Carrot Cake pan is also 2Qt pan but its’ more rectangular shaped

    = Grand Total of $8 dollars! WOOT!  (66% off)

I love using glassware. I find it does not absorb bad odors, less stains, and easier to clean in my opinion

It’s rather heavier than metal baking pans I normally use
It’s harder to take pictures of because it’s clear (just kidding :-P)

Anyways I’m super excited to start using them and having real cooking supplies. I’ll fondly remember those days when I tried to cook everything in one pan with chopsticks but it’s a nice change. Stay tuned for more recipes and tutorials with the Pyrex! ^_^

Disclaimer: I purchased these with my own money, everything said my own opinion, and I’m not affiliated with Pyrex.

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