Target 75% Clearance Merchandise!!! (mostly winter/seasonal stuff)

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So my mom has been waiting like 4 days for this magical day to happen at Target. I didn’t realize the excitement of 75% off until we went to Target today. Actually we went to both the  Chan Target & Edina Super Target so my suggestion is to find the biggest Target store for best selection.

Anyways, Target is having 75% off their “pink dot” dollar section items = $0.25 cents! They were clearing out all their holiday cards, ornaments, gifts, wrapping paper and seasonal stuff. I think this sale officially started 12/31/10 but I went today and there was still good stuff left. Target also had a lot of their winter clothing on sale for 30%, 50%, and 75% off. Stuff is going fast so I’d hurry to Target if you want anything.

This is only my part of the haul but we also got tons of LED christmas lights, wrapping paper and other holiday decorations. Everything was 75% off original price so I saved a lot of $$$.Dollar Section – Mountain Dew Code Red Lip Balm ($0.25 each) I love the dew containers. One of them is for my brother.
Dollar Section – Glitter Purses with metal snap closure in Black Glitter, Metallic Pink, & Silver ($0.25 each) These are simple with one pocket inside. It’s great for a quick trip out or for a party. I saw it on and I had to snag some up.
6 plug outlet strip ($1.48) I sensed a scarcity of outlets in my future. But no worries I got a new outlet strip!
Holiday FunFetti Cake Mix (0.48 each – I got for free with Sunday Newspaper coupons) Funfetti is my favorite box cake mix! YUMMY!
Ghiradelli Seasonal Chocolates ($0.40 each) They were originally $3.50 – 75% off = $0.87  (great deal) plus I had coupon from for $1 off 2 bags. They are really good tasting. It’s caramel with a hint of pumpkin. I got 4 bags but we ate one on the ride home so they probably going to be all gone soon!
Target Stockings ($0.50 each) I absolutely adore these stockings. They are made with felt like fabric and have Target winter characters. They actually were quite inexpensive to begin with only $2 each but I’m so happy to snag it on sale. They had a ton of them left with lots of designs. I think it would be a great way to wrap a present for next holiday season or decoration for my apt away from home.
Dollar Section – Winter Lotions in Raspberry, Cranberry & Vanilla 5 oz ($0.25 each) I love love love the packaging. It’s so festive! It’s really nice amount of lotion and I haven’t tried them yet but I’ll tell you how it goes! They also had like shower gels or other body products.
Stocking Stuffer Skittles lip balm tube  in strawberry, lemon, lime ($1) I’m a lip product addict and I use to really enjoy the starburst lip products so I thought I’d try these out. I’m always on the look out for new lip balms, plus it’s winter so my lips get so chapped!
Dollar Section – Pepsi Wild Cherry Flavored Lip gloss ($0.25) I had to pick up ‘cuz pepsi wild cherry is one my favorite drinks.
Dollar section – Travel Brush & Mirror in Purple ($0.25) I remembered in highschool my friend Anna always had one of these. It’s really handy for travelers and just popping into your bag.
Dollar Section  – Kiddie  Bowls 2 Pack ($.025 each) Ok, you must be starting to either think I’m crazy or like 5 years old. Dude I love these bowls, I think kid bowls always have cute patterns and are very useful. It’s be good for eating snacks, fruits, and ice cream. It’s kid-size so portion control? Yes portion control that’s how I’ll justify this purchase. OMG they had the most adorable make-believe cooking items for kids too, I almost got in a whisk in mistake.

Dollar Section – Hello Kitty reusable Tote ($0.25) So if you don’t know this already I’m a sucker for a cute reusable tote. They have endless uses, waterproof, easy to clean and portable. I choose this one but I remember they also use to red or pink ones and couple different patterns. This is a smaller tote about half the size of grocery paper bag. I also got one for one my friends b/c she loves Hello Kitty. Maybe she can use it to take lunch to work or something like that.

Anyways, those were my super awesome 75% off clearance haul and I only spent $7 dollars for all of it! I saved $40 dollars!
That’s a great way to start the New Year! ^^
Woot My very first workout dvd! Shape 5-day Jumpstart! ($12.99)
They had these at endcap in Target. They were $13 each, tad bit pricey but it comes with 1 year voucher to Shape Magazine ($15 value).
It is my New Year’s resolution to be more active. I’ll have to tell you more later because right now it’s sitting sealed on my bed so I don’t know much about it. I’m really pumped to try it.
E.L.F. Eyelash Curler ($1)
This isn’t in the dollar section but in Target makeup aisle. E.L.F stands for eyes, lips and face. They are inexpensive makeup brand that really popped up on my radar. Their products are however usually hit or miss for me. It seems that’s general consenus on the products.  I love their eyeshadow brush and lucky lady lip stain but I didn’t love the concealer compact, concealer brush or hypershine lip gloss. I had to try this eyelash curler b/c beauty guru on Youtube: Emilynoel83 always talks about it. My recent curler decided to malfunction. Totally random I use to think curler were the weirdest makeup tool like seriously I wonder how this invention came about.

Part 2 of the Haul (Regular Priced items from Target)

Well thanks for staying with my entirely too long haul. Hope you snag some awesome deals.
Always -S

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    The Mountain Dew lip balm seriously exists? Lol.

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