Product Review: Avon Naturals Rejuvenating Body Polish in Papaya & Kiwi

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Avon Naturals Rejuvenating Body Polish in Papaya & Kiwi
Cost: $1
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I purchased this back in November when they were having a free shipping sale going on. It was my first Avon purchase and I just purchased them through You can also purchase them from your specific Avon rep’s website and still get cashback. Anyways, it was a tiny haul. I just got the body polish & Avon’s winter treats lip balm in cookie.

I wasn’t too keen on the scent or texture of the lip balm but I found the polish quite nice for $1.
Avon Naturals Rejuvenating Body Polish in Papaya & Kiwi
Papaya & Kiwi came in 5 fl oz. plastic tube with a plastic snap on & off top. I like the packaging since it was easy to use in the shower, easy to squeeze, and I like the image. However, I did find that the plastic top would have water residue leak in there between showers so you’d have to careful or else you’d be sprayed with cold water when you open it. I think it was a great value for 5 fl oz!
This is what the body polish looks like. It is clear orange color and has small red exfoliation beads. I like the gel consistency of the polish and I do like the beads. The polish smelled divine! It’s was fruity & tropical like I expected. The only downside is that for a body polish it was super gentle and it didn’t lather very much so I found myself using a lot of the product. I went through about half a bottle in a month and I used it about every other day. The polish is very gentle and the beads are very tiny. I’d probably recommend using this as a face cleanser rather than a body polish/wash because of this fact and I didn’t have any problems with irritation.

Overall I’d probably rate this 3.5 out 5. I liked the product but I found it wasn’t properly suited for the purpose it was labeled as. That said my favorite part is the scent! I’d buy it again just for that.

*This particular product I think is now discontinued on the website but they still have the Naturals line. But who knows they might bring it back or something similar.

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