Makeup – NYX Butt Naked Turn the Other Cheek Palette – Swatch, Review & Comparison

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2013-10-06 06.39.49
NYX butt ‘naked’ turn the other cheek palette $24.99

This is NYX newest palette that has been launched Oct 2013. It’s the 2nd version of NYX’s butt naked palette and I will be discussing comparison below. Oh what a cheeky name it has! I was so excited when I found out about this palette and I ordered it immediately from the NYX site. NYX site has free US shipping when you order $25 and they do a great job packaging the items! BTW they also have 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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The packaging is a shiny plastic black case with a large mirror, 15 eye shadows, and then the bottom drawer slides out to show the blushes and highlighters. The packaging is identical to the NYX butt ‘naked’ palette. However this mean it is similarly as bulky and the shiny finish makes it really easy to get fingerprints all over the case. I’m not really sure if this would be travel friendly or maybe just for someone who wants everything in one.

2013-10-06 06.41.11

Here are the 15 eye shadows! They come in a variety of finishes with mattes, glitters and satin. They are about the size of quarter each. I do find that this palette is the warmer version with more colors leaning towards brown/golds versus 1st palette which was more taupe/greys.

I’m sort of on the fence about NYX eye shadow formulation. I’ve gotten quite spoiled with eye shadows that are super buttery, pigmented and smooth as you get with Urban Decay and Wet n Wild. NYX shadows look quite wearable on my eyes but I find them unimpressive when I swatch and review them.

I find that it takes me a bit longer to layer on my eyes and the colors feel flat. It’s like they lack depth. It’s strange. There’s a lot of very pale white and off white shades that are good for highlighting the brows. There’s quite a few colors good for the brows and the crease area. But I wish there was more shades for the main eyelid area and something more mid-toned. I could see this palette being good for creating a day to night look and for smokier eyes.

I do use Lorac eye shadow primer before application, Mac 217 brush and I find that eye shadow doesn’t have issues. They don’t crease or have much fallout. The only finish I don’t really like are the 2 shades (pink/gold) with a glittery texture. They don’t have much color and they do have fallout.

I find the eye shadows average in comparison with other drugstore shadows for matte finishes. They do offer a color range that is very work-friendly. Overall I find the eye shadows to be comparable to  the original version of this palette and they are workable but nothing to rave about.

2013-10-06 07.02.32

top row – eye shadows

2013-10-06 07.02.36

2nd row – eye shadows

2013-10-06 07.02.42


third row – eye shadows

2013-10-06 06.57.21

2nd tier – 1st row of blush (they do contain shimmer – not that noticeable on face)

2013-10-06 06.57.25

2nd tier – 2nd row of face highlighters (these do contain heavy shimmer/glitter – noticeable on face)

I found the 2nd tier of face products to be a lot lighter than the original. I am a bit disappointed that they left out a bronzer for 3 face highlighters. I do like the blushes, I find that they last all day on me. The blushes are pigmented and bright. The downside is that they can be quite easy to overdo and look a bit dollish – so use a light hand. They vary from pink, coral, light pink and strawberry. 2 have shimmer and 2 do not. I don’t find the shimmer that noticeable on the skin.

The highlighters I could pass on. I felt that they were a bit powdery when applied and tend to emphasize pores on the skin. I used the golden one and I definitely could see the pieces of gold shimmer. I prefer powders with finer shimmer or sheen like appearance.

2013-10-06 06.42.15

Left (New NYX Turn the Other Cheek Palette) Right (NYX Butt Naked Palette)

The two palettes are identical in packaging but vary a lot in product colors. They are different palettes with minimal overlap. On the right, 1st palette leans more toward cooler, grey and taupe range. The blushes are beautiful, vibrant and it includes a bronzer. On the left, 2nd palette leans more towards cream, browns and golds and it offers more eye shadow finishes. The 2nd tier is light and paler in comparison.

I had purchased the new palette because I loved the 2nd tier blushes/highlights on the butt naked palette but I didn’t like the shadows. I found them too cool toned to work with my skin. I preferred warmer and more brown toned shades. However, I wasn’t really that wowed by any shades in the new palette and I felt that 2nd tier just didn’t live up to my expectations.

It’s toss up really between the 2 palettes. I do like how a palette offers everything you need for the face and doesn’t include cream products. I hate when lip products get gunky in a palette. Yet the packaging is quite bulky. I do feel like they are both fairly decent value as all the products are wearable and workable. I think they would be good for someone who’s starting out in makeup or someone who’s looking for all in one for a wearable look. Unfortunately, I personally don’t have them to a must have in my collection.  (Average)

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  1. Joni says:

    Hello, love this review, especially comparing the two. I own the first one and I love the colors, but I have to say my favorite part about this palette is the MIRROR. I love this mirror, I use it everytime I do my makeup no matter what shadows or palette I am using. 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Thank you for this review! I have the first one and love it – find myself reaching for it over the UD Naked palette. The 2nd tier is amazing. I actually purchased the 2nd one as a gift for my BFF (another NYX junkie) but had considered keeping it for myself. After reading your very thorough review, I will stick with my original plan. Thanks again!

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