Makeup Review – Physician Formula Matte Quad in Canyon Classics

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2013-10-09 22.54.51

Physician Formula Matte Quad Eye Shadow in Canyon Classics – $6.75 (PF online store)

This is one of those oldie but goodies in my collection that I don’t ever rotate out of my makeup bin. First off, I don’t find these to be the best matte eye shadows out there. I am not excited by the pigmentation, texture or color. Yet it offers everything that I need for a specific reason. I use it solely for filling in my brows and highlight my upper browbone as a transition color. I think it’s wonderful at the doing just that.

2013-10-09 22.55.27

(Swatches of the product on my hands – no primer)

It’s a bit hard to see these swatches as the eye shadow quad is very similar to my skin tone. All the eye shadows are completely matte. They lean on sheerer coverage but they definitely can be built up using patting brush technique and eye shadow primer.

There’s a light brown, off white, concrete grey and tan eye shadow shades.

  • I used the light brown to fill in my brows. I have dark brown/black brows so the color matches nicely. It provide a natural but defined look. I like to use a round Essence of Beauty brush to lightly stroke on the color.
  • I used the white as brow highlight and transition color for the outer part of my eye.
  • I used the tan sometimes to deepen my crease or if I want a lighter brow.
  • I don’t really use the grey color much. I foresee you could use it to do a smokey eye, to have super defined dark brows, or as a eye liner.
    Yet I just never lean much to greys and blacks. They kind of just there, unloved and probably unappreciated.

Would I recommend this product? 
Well this really depends on how you will be using this product and what you want it to do. I would recommend this product if you are like me and have darker brows and need a affordable brow filler that gives a natural look. A another reason to buy this quad is if perhaps you would like to dabble in drugstore matte eye shadows. There’s not many drugstore mattes available out there so it’s a good start. But I wouldn’t really suggest using this quad as your main eye shadow look. I find the color a bit muted and sheer for that purpose. So it’s really give or take, I love it for brows and I will keep using it.

Tip: You can often get this quad for super cheap when CVS has a $7 off any Physician Formula cosmetics deal. I mean like $1 cheap.

* items were purchased by me with my own money*

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