The World’s Best Eyeshadow and it’s only $1.99!

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Wet n Wild in Nutty (252B) $1.99 – can be purchased at CVS drugstores

I first found out about this hidden gem while reading Rebekkah’s Blog (Everyday Makeup Blog). This may not look like anything special but you have to see and try it in person. I can honesty say it’s never left my collection. It’s a product that I feel so excited about and it’s so dang cheap and amazing! I feel like every time I see this I want to buy another for backup.
Oh my what a spell this eye shadow has cast on me!


(Please pardon the dust…it’s a well loved product)

The packaging is no frills with a clear lid and a slim container. It’s about the size of square quarter if that makes any sense? You get a good amount of product. I use mine all the time and I still haven’t hit pan. The overall size of the product is quite compact in terms of makeup and can easily be put it in your pocket or toss it into your bag for speedy on the go use.


Nutty swatched on my hand without primer

Tada! Did you see that beautiful color! The eye shadow is beautiful, it’s pigmented and buttery smooth. This formula and color beats most of my Sephora and high-end eye shadows and for $2 I almost can’t believe it. The eye shadow is a satin finish. The shade leans towards a soft taupe with a brown undertone. I haven’t experienced any formula faults with the shadow such as fall out or patchiness. The satin finish is very lovely on the eyes. I find it illuminating and the shimmer is subtle. It’s perfect for daytime wear.

I highly recommend this eye shadow to everyone and their moms. Yep that’s how much happiness this brings to my life! For $1.99 at your local drugstore, you’d be a fool for not giving it a go. It’s really good or else I’d wouldn’t be writing about it and all this excitement makes me want to go buy some more!

Anyways I also do recommend checking out the entire Wet n Wild ColorIcon line as they have expansive color range and most beauty gurus would agree the line is hands down the best in the drugstore for the best prices.

Wet n  Wild brand is very affordable cosmetics brand found at various drugstores.
They are PETA- certified, cruelty-free brand and most the products are vegan. (Nutty is Vegan)

*all items purchased by me with my own money, everything said is my own opinion*

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