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(Gyro – lamb/beef with tzatziki sauce and lettuce and french fries with spicy sauce)

Ayola (Greek) – 118 New Montgomery St, San Francisco CA (Yelp Site)
Financial District

Ayola is a tiny Greek restaurant wedged in the middle of Minna Street. I notice it by the fact that it has a black awning. It’s one of my favorite places to go and grab lunch. The restaurant is very small so it’s more of grab and go place. They are fairly fast with service, they do take credit cards and their food is delicious!


(This is a small gyro with lamb/beef )

They offer a variety of Greek cuisine. They have gyros, shawarmas, felafels, pitas, wraps and salad. For the gyros, they offer a small and a larger version. All the prices are in the $ price range and very affordable. I think my meal with gyro, fries and drink was around $10. This is a fairly good deal for the Financial District where things tend to be pricey.


(Ayola French Fries with Spicy Sauce)

So Ayola’s Greek food is good but OMG! their fries are freakin’ amazing! I can’t go without getting a side of french fries and their spicy sauce. The fries are a must have! They are the perfect texture that’s crispy and a bit on the chunky side. They have light seasoning scattered on the fries. Just writing about them now makes me want them. ^_^

I recommend checking out Ayola and I’ll be going back. It’s a good place to get something quick, tasty and to go. It’s fairly painless even during in the Financial District lunch time which is hard to come by.

* all food purchased by me with my own money *

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