Christmas Wishlist 2013

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I love making lists and I thought I’d share my Christmas Wishlist 2013 with you.

*The photos are not my property, they are owned by the brands and used as examples*
If you would like them to be removed, please feel free to msg me.


Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree $20 (link) –  Benjabelle site / Amazon 
I really like how this brush tree can be folded up and easy to use. I always need to create a contraption to ensure my brushes dry standing up and it’s such a hassle. This brush tree holds up to 14 brushes. The store does offers a couple various brush tree options.

Bunny Earrings $15 (link) – Tiny’s Fig Etsy Store
Tiny Fig’s Etsy store offers the cutest variety of earrings I have seen. They have cute animals, kawaii food and accessories.


Cards Against Humanity Game $25 (link) – Amazon
I love playing this card game. It’s similar to Apples to Apples but so much more fun.

Nars Multiple in Copacabana (link) – Amazon, Sephora, Nars
I’ve always been interested in this highlighter for it’s unique lilac tone.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume $ varies on size (link) – Sephora
I’ve been on quite perfume kick. The last time I went to Sephora the associate recommended this as a light and citrus scent. I love things that smell like citrus/oranges. Any other suggestions?

Pioneerwoman_cookbook2 Pioneerwoman_cookbook

Pioneer Woman Cooks – Cooksbooks $20/each (link) (link) – Amazon
I love reading Pioneer Woman’s website and her recipes never fail me. I recently borrowed a year of holidays from my local library. I really liked it and would love to own copies of both her cookbooks.


Australian Magazine Frankie Subscription $117 (link)
I absolutely love this magazine and I pick it up whenever I can at SF Fog City News store. I almost never pay for American magazines because I get so many for free and most are filled with ads. However, I really recommend Frankie as it’s filled with quirky articles and it’s like me in a magazine. However I am in two minds about a subscription since it’s such a luxury item and I can get it Fog city but alas we are always a month behind.


Soap & Glory Highlighter Glow All Out $15 (UK Only)
I really wanted to try this highlighter but they don’t sell in the US. How sad.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush $$$ (link)
I have been ga-ga over this brush set for the last 3 months. The whole set costs a whopping $210 for 8 brushes. I have too many brushes to justify buying the whole set but I would love to try brushes in #02 face, #03 eyeshadow and #06 eyeshadow.

Immoral Longings Shakespeare Blank Journals $50 (link) Etsy Store
I adore how beautifully crafted her leather bound journals are with original art. I particularly like taming of the shrew and much ado about nothing’s cover art.

nyx love in paris
NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palettes $10 (link) NYX / Ulta
I picked up a few these last time I was in Ulta and I really love the packaging on the palettes. They are so slim and sleek. Great for traveling! I would love to get a couple of more of these palettes – Pardon my french (green) – Be our guest maurice (purple) – you are in seine (neutrals/blue) – parisian chic (neutrals) – mon cherie (color – photo).


Urban Decay Vice 2 ~limited edition palette $59 (link) Sephora, Ulta
It’s Urban Decay new limited edition holiday palette with all new shades. It’s this palette I’ve been on the fence about. It’s got unique packaging, buttery shades but I can’t decide is there enough neutrals to combat the color? Would I use it? Do I need it? mmm….I just picked up UD Naked 3 and I can’t wait to play with that one.

michael kors
Michael Kors Tote – $$$ (for example) / Bucket style tote with long handles

I’m looking for a new medium size work bag with wide opening, long handles and spacious.
I’m not stuck to this particular tote though I do like the design and I find MK bags to be sturdy. I need something leather or strongly made with straps that easily go over my shoulder. I’m still on the hunt!

Other Presents because I am a greedy girl ^_^
1. Soft winter sweaters in Juniors Medium or Women’s Small (preferably monochromatic)

2. 16X16 & 20 X 20 Pillow Insert (fluffy pillow part) because I have pillow covers but no pillows! It’s really hard to find where to buy the inserts in the city.

3. Gift cards – Forever 21, Amazon, Sephora, American Eagle, Groupon, Bath&BodyWorks…

4. A good massage in SF. Work has gotten my addicted to massages and now they are gone. So I need to find another suitable masseuses. Where?

5. A good book. It’s so weird I told people I was going to the library and they said to me, what there’s a library nearby? People still read books? What the heck…am I the only left who still reads? I like behavioral science and pyschology books but I’m always up for a good novel.

6. Large statement necklaces. I’m on a huge statement necklace kick. I just picked up a few at Forever 21 this weekend. I think that Bauble Bar has some nice ones but I’m always keeping my ones open for something colorful and sparkly.

7. A delicious fruit tea or drink mix because sometimes I don’t like lugging beverages home.

8. Perhaps someone to move my transfer 401K funds from one account to the other. I seriously can’t figure out how to do it since I switched jobs. It’s really been a pain in my rear. I wish someone else could do it or it could be streamlined. Oh woes!

9. I would like some new sturdy pots and pans like solid stock pot or medium saute pan. I feel like that 4 pc set I bought from target 3 years ago for $20 is finally going to crap out. I mean they served me well and though many meals but I think I might need a new one.

10. I will also take payment in homemade sweets, cookies and cakes <3

In exchange, I will provide hours of written rambles on makeup, food and my life. Good deal? It reminds me …I really should get to bed now.

p.s. I also really need a new pack of Hanes socks. I don’t know how it’s possible but I had 5 pairs of socks get huge holes and fall apart on me in the last 2 weeks. My house is like a sock graveyard.

p.p.s Oh I thought of more makeup things I would like to try from the drugstore…being the makeup fiend I am.
I would love to try drugstore makeup: (this items are available at your local: Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS)
A) Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette $20 (here) or new LE SK Holiday Palette $30
B) Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Gloss in Celestial Coral / Rose Redefined $8 (here)
C) Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore $9 (here)
D) Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation in Medium Beige $12 (here)
E) Jordan Twist in Shine in Candied Coral $4 (here)

p.p.p.s Ok this is the final thing, I need to buy some toys to donate for the holidays. What toys are hot now for kids? What do kids play with? I don’ t know.

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