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2013-11-16 04.56.28

What can I say? I love blush. I may be a bit of a blush fiend.
My complexion is light-medium with yellow undertones so I tend to love everything peachy pink and coral. However with the being said, these products also come in a variety of different colors so everyone should be able to find a color that should suit you from the line.

This is a recap from my collection, what I loved in 2013 in terms of blush / blushers.

  • Sonia Kashuk (03 sunset) soft pinky peach with fine golden shimmer
  • NYX Mosaic powder (10 – love) coral with golden shimmer
  • Besame Crimson Rouge (travel size) rosy red cream stain
  • Physician Formula Happy Booster blush (warm) pink, satin
  • Palladio Baked blush (blushin’) intense pink-gold with shimmer / glowy
  • F21 love & beauty limited edition floral blush – bold pink
  • Nars blush (Orgasm) faint pink-gold with shimmer (glow)
  • Inglot AMC cream blush (80) blue toned hot pink
  • Milani Baked blush(05 luminoso) orange tangerine with satin finish
  • Models Preferred blush blood orange with fine golden shimmer

The list is not in any particular order in regards to which I like more but should be seen as a collection.

2013-11-16 05.01.46

First 5 blushes from the collection (see above for list)

2013-11-16 05.04.08

Swatches #1 from First 5 blushes in same order

2013-11-16 05.05.18

Second 5 blushes from the collection (see above for list)

2013-11-16 05.11.29

Swatches #2 from Second 5 blushes in same order

2013-11-16 04.56.59

Sonia Kashuk (03 sunset) $10 – Target
This blush is a soft pinky peach with fine golden shimmer. It has been repackaged in the Target line so the packaging is now black instead of white.

2013-11-16 04.57.52

NYX mosaic powder (10 – love) $7 – NYX, Ulta
I swirl all these colors together for a gorgeous coral shade. This one is a keeper!

2013-11-16 04.58.39

Besame Crimson Rouge (travel size) $22 for full size, I received this in a beauty army box
This little rouge packs a big punch in color, intensity and long-lasting. It is easy to blend and use the cream formulation.

2013-11-16 04.58.55

Physician Formula Happy Booster blush (WARM) $10 – CVS
For a long time I have been a fan of the blush in Rose but this year it’s all about this color in Warm. It’s a great coral shade and so cute to boot!

2013-11-16 04.59.12

Palladio Baked blush (blushin’) $8 – ULTA
I always find myself sticking this back into my makeup. It’s a great color, intense pink with high golden shimmer. If you like the new MAC Fantasy of Flowers blush collection then you got to pick this one up for a steal.

2013-11-16 04.59.40

F21 love & beauty limited edition floral blush $5 – Forever 21
This blush is so pretty both in color and in design. It initally does have a golden bow overspray on top. However, it’s no longer sold at F21 but they do re-promote items every once in awhile so keep your eyes open for it. 

2013-11-16 04.59.58

Nars Blush in Orgasm $30 – Sephora
This is a cult favorite and for good reason! It is beautiful peachy pink with golden shimmer. I love it but there is a downside. It appears overtime the pigment can get very hard and rough. I don’t know if it’s just my blush but that is something to note with a higher end blush. Use it fast!

2013-11-16 05.00.28

Inglot AMC cream blush #80 – $12
Ok… this blush does look a bit grubby but I assure you it is because it’s so good. This cream blush gives a glow from within. It’s very easy to use, apply and smooth out. It’s a bit grubby because I just like to apply it with my fingers.

2013-11-16 05.00.44
Milani Baked blush(05 luminoso) $8, CVSMilani makes some beautiful baked blushes and none is so gorgeous as Luminoso. It is a great peachy blush with no glitter or shimmer. The color is pigmented and so smooth. It is just something you need to pick up if you don’t have it. 

2013-11-16 05.01.04

Models Preferred blush $10 – I purchased this in drugstore in Australia
This blush is a pigmented and used gently it is great dupe for Nars Orgasm with the peachy pink and golden sheen. It’s so perfect blush color and great value. It’s just a bit harder to come by as are most good things things in life but it’s worth picking up if you can.

Honorable Mention : ELF Blush in Blushin’ Rose $3 – Online

* All blushes were purchased by me, my own opinions*

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