Sophie’s Dish’s Top 5 Kitchen Favorites!!!!! @Kraftfoods @Worldmarket @LUVBBW @kuhnrikoncorp @Spices4Health

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Olive Oil Dispenser // World Market
Ethan bought this for us recently because we have been looking for a small container to replace our original oil dispenser. I don’t use it for olive oil but rather just regular canola oil for cooking. It dispenses the right amount, doesn’t leak and you get 2 for $4!

McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning – Montreal Chicken // Grocery Store & Amazon
I think I am a little obsessed with McCormick seasoning in Montreal Chicken flavor. I love putting it in rubs, marinades and salad seasoning. It gives a nice zest of flavor to everything. I like it so much I would totally buy like a costco size of this stuff if they sold it!

Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame dressing // Target & Walmart
Recently I picked this up at my local Target and I really liked the flavor of this salad dressing. It’s got a bit of sesame, soy sauce and asian-fusion taste to it. I use it for cooking, marinades and well..salad dressing. I would recommend trying it if you are looking for something a bit different than your normal Ranch or Italian dressing. It has got a great taste!

Kuhn Rikon Slim Safety Lid Can Opener // Amazon
I seriously love this can opener! It has been the best purchase of all of 2013, which for me is a huge deal. I think it comes from my horrible experience with $1 can opener cutting a can in half and then exploding the fruit all over my face! …I realized I am no longer a poor starving college student and I deserve a better tool. This is slim, red and turns all can lids into easy open & resealable tops. A+++++

Bath & Body Works Hand Soap – Caribbean Escape // Bath & Body Works
I think I have like 20 of these in my closet in the event that one ever runs out I have another backup. I love the smell of these hand soaps, easy to use and feels really clean. I personally love the Caribbean escape scent and I feel like it makes me want to wash my hands more! It also looks really pretty on the sink counter. <3


*All items purchased by me and as always my own opinions*

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