Sophie’s Holiday Wishlist 2014 #wishlist @pinterest

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Hi Guys & Dolls,
I have been on full holiday mode this week. I even put up my first holiday decoration which was a warm red poinsettia wreath. Ethan promptly stopped me before I decked the house in Christmas lights and sparkly signs. He says it is a faux pas because we haven’t even started December much less past Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong Thanksgiving is great and all but Christmas is my favorite holiday of all. 🙂

I love everything about Christmas from the snow, Christmas decorations, cheery music, delicious sweets, present shopping, meeting up with family and friends!!! I feel like because we will be doing a bit of traveling this year that there’s not nearly enough days to celebrate at home so I should get a head start. Plus there’s been great sales already!

Anyways, it has been much requested that I put together my personal holiday wishlist. It has all bits and bobs from beauty to electronics to books to kitchen gadgets. I built it on Pinterest this year to save myself some linking time and so you can find out where to purchase them all very easily.

Hopefully, even if you aren’t buying a present for me ^^, my wishlist can provide inspiration for you into what is hot or not at the shops this year. Also some cool nifty sites to check out for yourself. <3 Soon I will be also posting some DIY gifts and holiday decorations as well! xoxo -Sophie P.S. If you click on the Pinterest board it will have all the item information and purchase location.

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