#DIY Ben’s Pop Up Birthday Card

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Created by Sophie – Happy Belated Birthday Ben!

Oh my gosh sometimes I feel like life flies by so fast! One of the things I use to really like doing was making birthday cards for my friends and family. However, in the last few months I had been absolutely swamped at work so I haven’t been able to do any crafts.

Finally I found a pocket of time and this is the outcome of my creativity. I don’t know where what inspired this design as it wasn’t preplanned in any manner. I just sat down and started doodling. I think it turned out quite good as I wanted it to showcase celebration, flair and a bit a of whimsy. What do you think?


1pc 8X10 watercolor paper or hard card stock
1 blank notecard
markers / colored pencils / colored pens
tape / glue stick
3 inches of ribbon
and I guess imagination?

Step 1 – Cut your 8X10 in half (wide size)
Step 2 – Fold paper in half to make a card shape
Step 3 –  Doodle to your heart’s delight on the front size of one card
Step 4 – Create abstract design on the inside of the 2nd card
Step 5 – Doodle on notecard the things you want to pop up and cut them out
Step 6 – Cut slits for pop up element on the abstract card and tape notecards items
Step 7 – Place ribbon at opening and glue or tape the 2 cards together
Step 8 – Mail it 🙂

To cut the slit make sure the they are about o.5 inch wide, 2 slits and then fold down in opposite directions so they pop up.

Here’s a youtube video where they explain how to make a popup card.

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