About Sophie’s Dish

Hi Everyone!
I would like to come out and say I am a bon fide recommendations junkie.
I started my blog in 2010 writing lifestyle pieces. I stayed with my blog because I’m recommendations junkie.
I love finding and sharing recommendation with all of you.
No matter how big or small these recommendations can change your life, I am happy to be able to there to assist.

How am I a recommendation junkie and what does that mean?
I adore recommendations both in my personal and work life. I am always searching for the next best thing and I’m always making a list of my favorite products and strategically planning where to eat next!

During the day, I work for a SF Tech Startup that is the global leader in providing real time omni-channel personalization. We empower retailers and brands to succeed through best content, most relevant ads, and lightening speed recommendation capabilities. For example: if you see placement that say “May we suggest these items” or “If you view this you might like this” or a email in your inbox to remind you about forgotten items – that’s us!

In my personal life, I am always cultivating recommendations. I am always trying new restaurants, researching on blogs, checking on Yelp, telling my friends, writing reviews, watching youtube reviews, and from time to time I even confront strangers in stores to provide recommendations. I’m a Jack of all trades when it comes to recommendations!

What is my blog about?
I originally would have said my blog is about beauty and food. The reality is my blog is a lifestyles blog. It’s about my life being me, Sophie. It’s Sophie dishing the latest news and recommendations. I usually write about beauty and food but I may write about grocery delivery services, corgis, travels and whatever piques my interest.

What is the goal of this blog? 
I like writing. My goal is to keep writing.
The goal of this blog is to be to provide value, to be honest and maybe make you smile every once in a while (as cheesy as that sounds).

Site Stats as of 10/15/2013

  • Sophie’s Dish was started in 2010
  • Sophie’s Dish has published 242 posts to date
  • The blog has had 135,472 pageviews since inception
  • I have 1.29 pv/visitor ratio
  • Sophie’s Dish is run by the team of Sophie & E. (Big thanks to E!)
  • Sophie’s Dish is lifestyles blog – mainly focuses on beauty & food reviews

For any and all inquiries, please find me at: sophie@sophiesdish.com
I will respond promptly.